German Patent Translation

Patent Translations Inc. has been providing German patent translation services for over ten years.
Translations from German are prepared by a small team of patent translation experts, including a retired USPTO examiner, and highly experienced translators with master's and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and electrical engineering.

Our translations for information and litigation support are mirror formatted to exactly match the original, including all of the drawings. This is particularly useful when the translations are to be presented as evidence or when you discuss the content with a foreign colleague who is looking at the original. These translations can be certified at no extra cost.

We also provide German patent translation for filing under either the PCT or the Paris Convention. Finished translations are delivered in ready-to-file format, which includes preparation of the translated drawings.

Case Study:
An IP law firm regularly filed US applications for a German client. Each time the attorney would spend several hours reviewing and editing the translation. The firm billed separately for redrafting the drawings to include translated text and formatting the edited translation. As a result, the client was presented with a large bill.  
Our patent experts prepare ready-to-file translations, including formatting and preparation of the translated drawings. The attorney is able to review the translation and pass it on to her staff for filing in less than an hour, leaving more time for important matters. The client is also happy with the lower bill.