Japanese Patent Translation

The core business of Patent Translations Inc. is the translation of patents to and from Japanese, for filing, for litigation support and for information purposes. Because our in-house translation staff includes both native speakers of Japanese and native speakers of English, we can be sure of fully understanding and reflecting both complex technical language and subtle, idiomatic expressions.

Many attorneys we speak to have found that translations of Japanese documents prepared in Japan, or by inexperienced translators in the US, are difficult to read. Attorneys describe these translations as being choppy or garbled. We have even heard them described as "word soup." While the structure of Japanese is indeed radically different from that of English and other European languages, it is fully possible for English translations of Japanese documents to be clear and smoothly readable in English without sacrificing accuracy.

Translations of Japanese documents prepared by Patent Translations Inc. read much as if they had been originally drafted in English. At the same time, our written translation guidelines and quality control procedures ensure an exact one-to-one correspondence with the source text, so that you can use them with absolute confidence.


In the past I have spent a lot of time rewriting poorly written translations of Japanese patents or having to guess what the translator meant. Patent Translations Inc. provides high-quality translations that save me time and worry. I also appreciate their attention to detail and their prompt service.

Steven Roberts, Patent Attorney
Shinjyu Global IP, Osaka