Patent Translation Course | January 11, 2021

Patent Translation Course | January 11, 2021

Beginning my career in the early days of the modern translation industry, I have been fortunate in terms of the training and mentorship that I have received along the way and, as partial payment on my debt of gratitude, I try to schedule regular speaking engagements. This year the pandemic got in the way of the in-person event I had planned on, and so I was particularly grateful when I was invited, by Training for Translators, to teach a four-week course on patent translation, which will be held entirely online.

This course, starting on January 11th, is aimed at experienced translators who are new to patent translation or looking to improve their skillset. It will cover: why patents are translated and what is important to clients in each of the circumstances in which a patent translation can be ordered;  specific theory and techniques for producing clear, polished translations that comply with the requirements of patent offices and courts; methods for working with patents in a way that ensures that the translator understands the content and reproduces it faithfully; approaches that make the most of CAT and MT; and best practices in areas including client communications, confidentiality, certification, and expert witness support.

Instructor: Martin Cross has worked for over thirty years as a Japanese, French, and Italian to English patent translator. He is a co-author of the ATA Japanese Patent Translator’s Handbook and has received United States district court recognition as an expert in technical translation for patent litigation. His articles have appeared in the New York Law Journal, the Westlaw Journal, and Intellectual Property Today. Martin is currently the president of Patent Translations Inc., where he continues to translate and edit patents, patent litigation briefs and decisions, and patent office opinions.

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