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Expert Translations of Japanese Documents

Certified Translations for IPR Proceedings and Court Submissions

Clear, authoritative translations can be the deciding factor in litigation and IPR proceedings. Our translations, certified by expert technical linguists, are definitive evidentiary documents, routinely recognized by the USPTO and federal district courts.

Evaluation and consulting for existing translations

Before considering a translation provided by another party, or by an examiner, it is essential to establish whether the translation is, in fact, accurate. The same holds true when you, or your experts, rely on an existing public domain translation, or a translation that has been provided by your client. Patent Translations Inc. has decades of experience in this area and can provide review, correction, certification, reports, and expert witness services, as necessary.

Translations for information, prior art research and IDS submissions

Translations by experts who understand both science and patent practice help attorneys to work with greater confidence. We can also help minimize prosecution costs by way of document review, triage and partial translations.

Translations for PCT Filing

Clear, technically accurate translations are easier to prosecute, provide better protection and increase your client’s confidence in you. We specialize in the translation of Japanese PCT applications for US filing. Our three-level review system also identifies any problems in the original text, so that attorneys can easily correct these in preliminary amendments.



Patent Translations Inc. brings together native Japanese linguists, multilingual scientists, attorneys, patent agents, and former examiners to provide definitive translations, on which you can rely with the utmost confidence.

The team is lead by Martin Cross, who has translated and edited thousands of patents and technical documents over the course of two decades, and has written extensively on the subject of patent and legal translation. He is co-author of the American Translators Association’s Patent Translator’s Handbook and has been published in the New York Law Journal, Intellectual Property Today, and the Westlaw Journal. He is a conference speaker on the subject of patent translation and has repeatedly served as an expert witness on Japanese to English translation in patent litigation matters before US courts.

In addition to our head office in Seattle, we have an office in Vancouver BC and personnel in Japan.

From quick informational translations, to expert witness and international filing support, our expertise is your edge.

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