Poor translations cause trouble for everyone
In addition to the hidden risks of undetected translation errors, struggling to understand a bad translation or waiting for it to be corrected is frustrating for attorneys and can put the whole team behind schedule. Ultimately, that is a waste of your client's budget.

Experienced practitioners are aware that a patent translated by someone who is more used to working on user manuals or travel brochures is likely to be both inaccurate and difficult to read.
Know that your translation is accurate

Fortunately, there is a team of friendly experts who have specialized in Japanese and German patent translation for more than a decade. That is why hundreds of law firms and technology companies trust Patent Translations Inc. to provide certified translations that they can present to an examiner or a court with absolute confidence.

Patent Translations Inc. sets the standards for Japanese and German translations. Headed by Martin Cross, North America's leading expert in Japanese patent translation, we are a small team of translators, scientists and patent experts who can minimize your risks, save you time, and even reduce your costs.