Year: 2007

I once translated a priority document together with another translator. We used a translation of the priority document, which had long ago been filed with the USPTO, as our common terminology reference (that way both of us would use the same terms in our translations). The translation published by the USPTO was probably done by […]Continue reading

I hadn’t noticed this before: It looks pretty good. It covers the application processes, differences with respect to other countries and all the basic stuff that someone new to the system would want to know, plus links to the actual law and examiner’s guidelines. I’d say bookmark it. Martin Cross Japanese Patent Translation

Recently I’ve been translating a lot of litigation support stuff. Usually, when you say those words in translation circles, the images that come to mind are of boxes containing ten thousand pages of handwritten discovery documents that need to be translated in two days. What I am doing this time is a little different. I’m […]Continue reading

I once had the chance to edit a translation by a well-known and very successful (by which I mean busy) J>E translator. There were numerous problems with the translation which could be attributed to a poor grasp of Japanese and a poor understanding of the technology. The result was a translation that seemed to describe […]Continue reading